Extend your pet’s life

No one likes to think about a beloved pet growing old. We cringe, because the once vivacious puppy needs help getting up stairs or a tire after a short walk. When the family’s always healthy dog ​​suddenly stopped eating, we worried about what could be the cause. Extending your pet’s life may require some effort and investment, but enjoying the extra years is priceless.

As human medicine is moving from a disease-based model to a proactive, preventive approach, veterinary medicine is following the same pattern. It makes much more sense to prevent a disease than to try to treat a disease in our precious companions. Many vets have switched to wellness protocols that bring our pets into their office two, three or even four times a year. More hits means more chances of finding small problems before they become big problems.

Our canine and feline friends age much faster than we do. With a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years, disease processes can occur much more rapidly. This makes regular vet checkups so important. The early detection of lumps, bumps and disease process leads to a higher success rate of treatment. This is especially important as our pets age.

Many precautions contribute to longevity by allowing your pet to avoid health problems. A proper vaccination protocol protects against infectious diseases. Treatments that prevent heartworms and intestinal parasites help control internal invaders. Flea and flea treatments help keep outside insects away and the diseases they spread. Regular dental cleanings promote good oral health and prevent tooth loss and dental disease.

A proper diet is also essential to prolong life. High-quality pet food is “premium” for a reason; They are made with high quality ingredients, specially formulated for your pet’s life stage and fortified with the right amount of vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients. A pet that eats better food will have fewer diet-related illnesses and will live longer. Your veterinarian is the best source of advice for your pet’s good health.

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